The Poisoned App

About the POISONED app

This app is created to work with the book POISONED.


  • Process. All the questions in the book you will find under Process button.
  • Reminders. The app has functions to remind you of daily tasks. We highly recommend you initially turn on all the functions, to assist you on your path to a better and better future, for every day.
  • Phone lock. The app will make sure you keep up with the daily routines you are taught in the book POISONED, by locking your phone. You can turn this feature on/off in My Settings. We recommend keeping the Lock function on till you have made the process a habit.
  • Goals list.
  • ToDo list
  • Thankfulness list
  • Sound files. Some tasks in the book requires you to repeat a text mentally. To help you we have recorded the sound files for you to listen to.


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